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By russbrownauthor, Sep 1 2011 12:37PM

Ok so the previous posting was very well recieved so I thought I would give it a second go. I, as you know am about to go back to work after nearly 6 glorious, albeit miserable weather lashed (see previous post) weeks off. During this "holiday" I have been given the unenviable task of caring and more importantly, entertaining my children. As the holidays are drawing to an end, the house was looking, how can I put this... a little worse for wear. So this morning it was decided upon that I should start to collect and bin all of the accumulation of our ahem... craft activities.

This sounded easy enough, go through the house, room to room and black bag the spoon people, peg dolls, paper plate pictures, dreamcatchers, paintings, clay pots and friendship bracelets, (told you I was a teacher ) that the children had causually disposed of when their attention had been consumed by something on the Disney Channel.

This was easy, and to be fair to my children, they were more than happy to help and the job was done fairly swiftly, the issue came that when this task had been completed the house still looked......well, the same. Yeah the children's junk had been moved but if im honest, my six weeks in the house had taken its toll more than the childrens! So the Disney Channel claimed its victims again and I set out to clear out my stuff. It started out simple enough, junk mail, scribblings and general lazy mans junk, but once the motivation took over I was binning clothes I had not worn for, well a number of years, half full after shaves, books I had half-read, never watched "bargain" dvd's and c.ds I had never listened to.

Once this self cleansing had commenced I set about sorting the stuff into charity, recycling and just plain junk and loaded it all into the car with two children grumpily in tow, going cold turkey from the Disney Channel is apparently very difficult. We arrived at the local recycling point AKA "The Tip" and watched as my car boot was pawed over by those slightly creepy guys who hang around the tip looking for things to sell at the next local carboot sale. Now some of you may think this practice is ok, recycling in it rawest form, but to me something about it sticks in my craw, yes they are doing a service by selling on my junk that may well end up in landfill but there appears no rules to their ability to sniff out something of any value. I am sure if I had not stopped one of them he would have made off with my cars spare tyre.

But the scary practice of the Tip Rat aside I left the depot with a new sense of freedom and it was at this point I had an almost religiously, devine, moment I suddenly had a revelation..... I needed nothing, would want for nothing, I could wander the earth with just the shirt on my back doing good deeds.

This feeling of inner serenity did not last long. On the way home my consumerism overtook me and to cheer up those shivering and moaning about missing Selina Gomez in the back, we visited the golden arches, possibly the complete opposite of my momentary epiphany.

The idea of my life as a good deed giving Nomad was a good one......

Good in theory, and I completely respect ,sincerely, those people whose life calling is to do just that. But unfortunately and possibly selfishly thats just not me. I like my junk food, like my gadgets and unnecessary whims and things that I deem essential at that exact second. I am a slave to consumerism, probably always will be. I am happy to recycle, donate to charity and generally help my neighbour but a Nomads life is not the life for me.

I am already counting down the weeks till my next Tip visit.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.


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