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Wiping the slate clean.

By russbrownauthor, Sep 6 2011 05:26PM

So work with my new class starts tomorrow and as I look out the window you would be forgiven if you thought it was a late, rather than early autumnal day. The wind is howling, rain lashing and people are wrapped up as though on a polar expedition rather than just a quick jaunt to the co-op.

Even my faithful hound is crossing it legs rather than leave the warmth of her bed. Please do not switch off just yet this is not going to be yet another weather blog posting it simply got me thinking.

Although, according to the calendar the new- year starts in January, my body clock has always taken September as the real start of the year. It is an opportunity for children to wipe the slate clean and start again. The naughty child can make an effort, the shy child make friends, the jaded and weather beaten teacher may actually still like their job by Christmas……..well maybe two out of three isn’t bad!

I can use years of experience to tell me the lessons that worked, but I like to think that nothing I do will be old, stale and re-hashed, instead I will tackle all subjects anew. The start of the new school year brings with it a new sense of focus and many if not all of us, involved in the education profession, children and teachers alike, make a subconscious resolution to improve.

Teachers, start the year this way, they have great plans to ensure that all of the bad habits they fell into the year before will be ironed out. However, normally by first break we are drinking our 3rd coffee of the day and hitting the chocolate biscuits hard!

Teachers know that they are not creating boxes, that children will not end the year all exactly the same and that’s what makes this part of the year so exciting. It’s the start of the marathon before the starters gun, we all know that it will be a long hard journey, which will include lots of hard work and nearly kill us, but at the end of the race we will have done something we are truly proud of. Plus as a year 6 teacher I get to give out the medals of SATs results and leavers assemblies.

I know it sounds like a lie, but I actually love my job, trust me most teachers wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for love. I love that fact that tomorrow I will have row upon row of fresh faced children all neat, tidy and for the majority,happy to be there and most importantly, perhaps, willing to learn (at least until the end of the week!).

This is theirs, and my opportunity to change..... just like the weather.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed it and left a comment.


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