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By russbrownauthor, Jan 19 2013 05:39PM

I am back!!!

Just a short one as I get back in the swing of this blogging thing again.

I have had a crazy few months and have at last managed to release my new book Poppy's Planet which used the superb talents of Jamie Cosley who saw my style and vision straight away! I will be using his fine penmanship again.

I am writing this two weeks into a new term with Ofsted looming and the over-hang of a year 6 residential on the cards. It is never my favourite time of year as I always get after Christmasitis and get a little more miserable than normal. The thought of dark mornings and early dark nights are rubbish, so imagine my joy when over the horizon, riding on its white horse, was a saviour of the natural variety. The weather reports nodded to the fact that on Friday morning I would wake to the kind of magical winter wonderland that would put Lapland to shame.

I went to work on Thursday with an emergency contingency plan of what I would do if I couldn't get to work on Friday and we would declare a snow day. If truth be told I was a little excited when I went to bed and felt even more of a thrill in those split seconds when I drew back the curtains to find my whole town ..... devoid of snow!!!

I felt the disappoint that I think every child in my vicinity felt, we had yet again been built up by the media that a storm of "day after tomorrow" proportions was coming and we would have hot chocolate and rosy cheeks for days to come. But nothing, not one flake, the only visible flakes where from my head, as in my haste to see the snow I had forgotten my daily head and shoulders regime.

The disappointment has been almost tangible made even worse by my social media chums updating status’ about snow days, snow men and snow angels. They can all snow to hell! :)

I am jealous no other word for it.

I deserve an unexpected break and a snow day would have been perfect. I live in one of the wettest areas of the country we suffer cold summers and miserable winters and this would have been a silvery white lining that my grey winter cloud needed.

So in the words of Irelands greatest export B*witched I blame it on the weatherman!

Needless to say Mr. Thomas Cook has today received a great deal of my hard earned cash as I have some fun in the sun to look forward to.

If you have the snow, enjoy!

If you don’t get holiday shopping!

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