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By russbrownauthor, Sep 25 2011 04:08PM

It has been a few days now since I have put finger to keyboard and blogged. My last post did not reach my usual standard and I thought best to not just churn them out but have a think about it, over 4000 individual readers have read my postings and I would hate to think I was short changing you.

I like to think that people can see these postings as an insight into my mind and what goes on for a stereo-typical, nearly middle-aged man in this day and age. I like to think I provide a service you can trust………

It was at this point that the theme for today’s posting hit me. Trust it’s a word in my profession I use all too often, I trust my class to behave when my back is turned or they are in for yet another rainy break time. I trust that the children are listening and I trust that they want to constantly seek to improve themselves. I trust the government has the children’s future at heart with every educational decision they make, and I trust those in education to stop and think of how important our role really is.

I have never truly however, seen myself as a trust-worthy person, that may shock you but I really don’t, I would never wittingly do something to upset or hurt people but I often feel I am one of those people whose concentration span is so small that people think twice before genuinely trusting me to do anything.

I in turn trust the majority of people without a second thought, that I suppose, is just how life works and what makes the world tick. As Billy Joel once wrote I guess it’s “always been a matter of trust”

So I think my chosen profession came as something of a shock to my parents, my dependable trust-worthy brother had already made the transition into teaching and I just think my parents thought I was following suit.

I do think however, that as time has progressed that I have genuinely matured and now stand as the trust-worthy(ish) figure you see before you.

Upon re-assessing my blog theme it struck me as quite amazing just how much I am trusted, every day 30 + children wander into a room and they and their parents trust me to do the best I can possibly do to motivate, teach and develop them for later life. Do you know I do that without even thinking about it. To be honest I do it pretty well.

Alongside that, my wife trusts me to safely and securely transport my children to and from destinations daily without fear that I will get distracted and end up somewhere else. She also trusts me to healthily feed us all without daily visits to the local hospital. Again this is something that thankfully I like to think, I do pretty well too.

Perhaps I am probably most trusted by my children, everyday these young people have 100% trust that we will care, feed, look after, teach and emotionally provide for them. This trust was summed up today with my eldest who, upon riding her bike for the first time in ages, looked up at us and said “I know you wouldn’t do anything that would hurt me” if that is all you need to do to truly be a trust-worthy person then I reckon most people become that as soon as they become parents.

Ok so that’s it a re-edited and completely thought out blog posting which I hope is back to my best. I trust you enjoyed it……….You see, there’s that word again!

keep the comments coming, thanks for reading


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