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Poppy's Planet!

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Poppys Planet tells the story, in rhyme of a magical flying penguin who sees the damage and destruction caused to our fragile planet by man. She discovers that although she is only small she can make us all aware that we can save the Earth. A beautiful and thought provoking picture book which deals with the sensitive issues of the environment in a child friendly way with illustrations by Jamie Cosley.


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Monsters in my Math book is the second book from Russ Brown & Jamie Cosley. Following on from the great success of Poppy's Planet!, Monsters in my Math book Tells of the issues all children experience at some point in their school lives, when all they need is a like-minded friend.


Beautifully illustrated and written entirely in rhyme this wonderful new children's book will become an instant classroom and bed time hit. A new favourite for children and adults alike.


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Monsters in my Math Book

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Daisy the Donkey's First Fare

The Field Feud


Daisy does not fit in, as the only grey, scruffy donkey in a stable full of beautiful camels she is certainly different. She desperately wants to repay her owner Saul, for all his kindness, but nobody wants to travel on a donkey, or do they?


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When Poppy and Daisy are forced to share a field you would think they would get along just like the other farm animals do. But you would be very wrong! Can they work out their differences and learn to live in harmony? A lovely children's story about tolerance and understanding perfect for sharing or reading alone.


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The Mechanics of Mechanicsville


The Mechanics of Mechanicsville is the story of how a small town in Virginia got its name. In old Mechanicsville stands a stone windmill, now a landmark in the village. The windmill is decorative and driven by an electric motor. That windmill is said to house the mystical creatures known locally as "The Mechanics".


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