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Poppy's Planet is a great book for all ages. As a teacher myself, this could be a really wonderful resource for so many different aspects of the curriculum, as well as specific topical issues but also a really lovely book to share with a child for pleasure. Well written, easy to read, with a great rhyme and rhythm throughout. A simple story with bags of discussion points that this little wonder creates. Well worth a purchase, really enjoyable :)


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Poppy's Planet is a fantastic, inspirational and educating piece of children's literature.

In addition, this enlightening text can also be a brilliant vehicle of environmental learning in and out of the classroom, that ensures children and adults to become more aware of environmental changes around the world.

Russell Brown's use of rhythm and rhyme within the story allows the imagination freedom to explore ideas and to venture into wonder, children can redraw boundaries to fit in their own experiences of the environment.

Finally, this specific text enables children through their own learning about interpreting the raised issues within Poppy's Planet, therefore children can take part in life an understanding way to positively contribute to their world and environment around them. Fabulous :-D


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I was recommended this book by a friend and bought a copy for my daughter (6) she loves it and asks for it as her bedtime book every night. We now know it off by heart and she still loves it a heart-warming traditional tale told from a modern viewpoint, we love it! :)


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@russbrownauthor It's a wonderful, heart warming story, about

coming into your own when you feel different.

It's great for kids and parents.

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For Daisy the Donkey's First Fare


I needed a resource for a unit in literacy for my year 1/2 class leading up to Christmas and this book fitted the bill perfectly. It provided numerous opportunities for activities and discussion in class that in turn facilitated learning in a whole host of other subjects such as history, art and RE. I can see myself using this book for many years to come in my teaching career. Highly recommended.


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