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A new addition to the family.

By russbrownauthor, Sep 11 2011 09:57AM

Hello again,

Before I start I would just like to say that today my thoughts are with my friends in the US on this the anniversary of 9/11. Be safe.

It is Sunday and I thought this blog post would not question the world, but will give you a further insight into my life. Please leave comments and like the page on facebook, 1000 + readers for the last post and I don't know who you are, and I would like to say Hi! Some people say they are struggling to leave comments let me know if you are. :)

Just over a year ago we were the typical family, house, car and perhaps most importantly two children. My children are good kids they do what we ask, are inquisitive and enjoy school and life in general. Most importantly they have reached that point where they sleep. Most nights we all can get at least a solid 7 hours and if I’m truthful the older I get the more I need it.

I was at that point where life was good and it was perhaps because of this that I was lulled into a false sense of security, when that day over a year ago, my wife said to me “Do you think it’s time we had a new addition to our family?”

Initially dramatically taken aback, with the dreaded thought of nappies, names and sleepless nights, I hated the thought. So it was a great relief when it was pointed out to me that no not a child, but a small black bundle had caught her eye. I must admit the photographs showed what could only be described as a ball of black fluff with two jet black eyes. I could see the appeal. I have always had dogs, never seen the point in a cat, and this pup did tick the cute box and the children’s necessity to own a pet.

Without almost a second thought, I agreed and just one email click later we now became five.

The drive to collect the puppy was an exciting affair, the children knew what we were doing, the house was prepared, and the collection of newly named “Izzy” went without a hitch. This tiny teddy bear travelled home in great spirits, sleeping and occasionally peeking out of the window to watch the world flash by.

By the time we reached home, the honeymoon period was over. The first night we had tears from us and Izzy. I think for the next 3 months most of us got about 3 hours sleep per night and no shoe or cuddly toy was left Izzy free.

As she has grown so has her crazy behaviour, she genuinely thinks she is human, I know that’s said by most animal owners, but it is really true about Izzy, she will race you to a chair will sit in your place at the dining table and let you know when it’s time to walk. All with an air of saying “know your place man”.

Now only yesterday, Izzy was in need of a cut her Bob Marley style hair-do was doing her no good at all and the clumps of hair left in every room told us it was time for her to be groomed.

Due to the credit crunch and my penny pinching ways, I cut my own hair, obviously I hear you cry…we can see your picture, but it took us a lot of deliberating to decide that we should trim Izzys hair.

Now this sounds easier said than done. Izzy sat still for approximately a minute at a time and I held on tight to her as my determined wife set to it with my newly bought hair clippers.

Nearly 4 hours later a freshly shaved Izzy wandered through our house, ok she had some clumps of hair here and there and her feet look like she is wearing1970’s flared trousers, but she looked more like that ball of fluff I had seen that day on the internet. I had fallen for her all over again.

I never thought I would be one for walking, a poodle cross “girly dog” on a purple lead and full poo bags around the streets of my town but do you know I do and do so without a second thought.

For all the destroying of my trainers, damaging of letters, barking at passers-by and general untidiness that she brings.

Izzy now makes us five and I’m rather pleased about that.

Thanks for reading and let me know you dropped by by leaving a comment.

Best wishes from me and Izzy


Sep 11 2011 08:21PM by jdp

Brilliant,blog loved it reminds me of my dog who without question rules our household. Keep the blogs cominng I love them!

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