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By russbrownauthor, Sep 3 2011 05:24PM

Work begins for teachers next week, and I for one am a bit gutted. You know that old joke of

"Mum I dont want to go to school. You can't make me!"

"You have to you're the head teacher!"

I think that when my alarm goes off on that first morning, most if not all teachers will be feeling that way.

Don't get me wrong if my job consisted of simply teaching I would be a happy guy, I love the element of my job that I was actually trained to do. What tends to get my guts rolling is the fact that I will be faced with yet another new government based initative. These tend to take the form of "new" planning schemes, "new" ways of making children read, "new" styles of tackling the end of year SATs papers. In truth none of them are new, none of them cut work rate and very very few of them actually work in practice.

Now before you start thinking that this is a government blasting blog its genuinely not I have taught over 14 years through lots of governments and they are all exactly the same!

This year a new decision has been made to allow people, rightly or wrongly, to be in charge of their own schools. These new "free" schools are let loose with the curriculum and are out of the governments control. We shall see what the future brings.

Now this got me thinking, what about if the children were put in charge of their schools? We all say to children that they are the happiest days of their lives but lets be honest, they are not are they. So surely given the reins of what they learn and how they learn it could be passed back to the children.

Now I'm not talking about allowing them to play x-box games all day or text their mates or buy stuff off ebay but surely passing basic things back to them gives them more sense of ownership, something we as children were never ever given at school.

I thought I could create a school utopia, a place where children could learn history at their own pace and through their own choices, understand fractions and decimals in a practical setting. Understand the use of verbs and pronouns in a simplistic way. Children would come to my school with a skip in their step and a smile on their faces.

So I set about asking my own children this.

The general consensus was to allow them to wear their own clothes, have their mobiles or ipods in class, be given more paint time, longer break times, more sugary snacks allowed and everyone given a electrical shops worth of gagets to play on. Oh and at least an hour a day to watch the disney channel, told you before they are obsessed!

So ok maybe just maybe I might have got this one wrong.

I might have got this one wrong.

I have said this twice as I'm fairly certain it doesn't happen very often! :)

It's a short one today as it is Saturday and I'm doing my planning for the term ahead, thanks for joining me again and think about me when that alarm goes off at 6.00 am next week.


Sep 4 2011 12:41PM by russ

if you want to leave a comment, please click on the comment button thanks a lot :) Russ

Sep 5 2011 07:44PM by Gill Jepson

well! I do hope you're not advocating child centred education are you? I would LOVE my kids to learn ancient greek and latin and be sitting in rows -oh and bring back the cane!!! Seriously though-you are perfectly right and the money these free schools will leach from the system will create a two tier system!

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