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Fallen for foul language?

By russbrownauthor, Oct 2 2011 04:48PM

Hi thanks for joining me on yet another posting it’s lovely to get to know my readers so feel free to leave me a comment.

Now I’m no snob in fact I’m far from it, I was brought up working class and by no stretch of the imagination will I or can I change, however I think perhaps I have higher standards than some.

I recently celebrated my daughter’s birthday and part of our celebrations involved a day out in a very famous northern seaside town. My memories of this place are great; I remember rock, fish and chips rides on the pier and playing on the fair. However it was with some trepidation that I agreed to take her. The reason for this feeling was simple; I knew that this particular resort had taken to making its money in the hen and stag weekend trade.

I was therefore quite prepared for the worst, or so I thought. The worst was far from what I actually experienced. It was genuinely like something from another planet, the cross section of people varied dramatically as you could expect, however those with poor morals and self-belief far out-weighed those who had gone with families to experience some traditional fun.

I can enjoy myself like the next person but I was also brought up right, I know that you can swear and drink if that’s your thing but that should not be thrown at absolutely everyone you come into contact with. I hate the fact that these types of people seem to be granted gratis to do whatever they like without the thought of how they offend or ruin the day for everyone else.

I experienced families sat on the beach with children younger than mine whose every sentence contained an expletive. I don’t need or want my children to hear that but unfortunately what choice did I have? I was of a generation where swearing was something that happened in groups of adults and men checked if women or children where about before those words were uttered. My children are not that lucky, how has it suddenly become acceptable for children to be exposed to this kind of language?

The truth is it isn’t but it has for some at least, become a way of life and an almost a status symbol. A tag of how tough you are, or, how tough your life has been. Language is something I love; my children are exposed to it in depth daily, they read books are talked to, have great teachers and experience the highs of great language usage. It was therefore a complete assault to their senses and my parenting that the hordes of people who crushed themselves into this filthy and rotting seaside town, thought they could converse in this way and perhaps it was the only way they knew how.

I was once in a conversation with a famous university scholar about this exact subject and he stated that the use of swearing was not a sign of unintelligence but a choice and should be embraced as the normal language of the future. I cannot and will not conform to this belief I may be a parenting dinosaur but I stand by a saying that my mother always used to say “there are hundreds of thousands of words in the dictionary, don’t be stupid enough to use one that offends” I stand by that thought in fact I may use it as my mantra.

As for that seaside town, in my opinion this visit was for me, the death knell, the final nail in the coffin for it . Those with dirty and decaying language are perhaps better suited in a dirty and decaying environment. Therefore perhaps it was me who was in the wrong place; one thing is for sure I for one shall not be giving it a second visit.

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Oct 3 2011 10:20AM by Trish McDee

Hi Russ
I so agree with your comments on the mis-use of our wonderful language. It's sad to have to listen to clearly illiterate beings 'conversing' in this way. Your mother was/is right!
Whenever I hear such offensive diction, I ask myself, 'Do you realise how boring you sound?' You just have to pity their complete lack of individuality as much as their lack of morals and consideration for others, I think.
Best regards

Oct 3 2011 05:59PM by russ

Trish, I could not have put it better myself, wonderfully put. Thanks for reading and have a great day

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