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Is this what women fought for?

By russbrownauthor, Jul 25 2012 02:33PM

Ok it has been nearly 10 months since my previous blog that is ridiculous, so much has happened and so much to talk about including, new dog, new puppies, new book, my youngest starting school, my new place of work, the massive roller coaster sucess that was Daisy the Donkey in the winter of 2011, the relevance of the olympics to me, to name a few.

I have a feeling the following rant may divide you but here goes :).

As the Summer holidays begin in earnest for me, one strange almost hysterical wave has crashed on the shores of my life. That is a certain book which is directed at ladies. This is without question going to be a rant so feel free dear reader to look away now.

The book in question is a fair read and possess the qualities of a trashy summer pulp publication of the past, it certainly has its place and anything that gets the nation reading is surely a good thing.

The issue I have is that those who have read it (me included) feel that they can discuss and pick it apart in mixed company and openly address it on social networking sites including telling the whole world they are taking it in the bath or to bed.

I am no prude and certainly none of the contents of these books has shocked or disgusted me but I do feel that women now feel they can get away with smut or perversion as just a little bit of sexual titillation.

Speaking as a man I know for a fact that in my place of work if I spoke in mixed company about an erotic based piece of fiction in as much detail as the conversations I have experienced I would be facing some kind of disciplinary action or be subjected to a medical review of my personality.

So how has this sexual inequality shifted so much since the womens liberation? Women are without question allowed equality in absolutely everything as far as I am concerned but equality is exactly that. The ability to make things equal. So how have the lines of equality suddenly become blurred? As a man I am still expected to hold doors for women, help to change tyres, offer to carry heavy boxes and generally do all the things my parents told me were polite to do.

However I work in a predominatly female based environment and I have been repremanded for asking could someone make me a cup of tea or even told "Im not weak and pathetic you know!" when asking would a lady require help moving a heavy item.

So equality has shifted so severly that I question its future. How is it possible that working mothers are allowed to indefinately have part-time work but working fathers struggle to get time off to see school plays? When men go to a strip club it is seen as disgusting and shameful but a woman going to see male strippers or holding a sex toy based party is "just a bit of fun"? And how is a trashy piece of erotic fiction suddenly ok to discuss in mixed company?

We have always enjoyed erotic fiction but somehow it was more refined, surely this is not were those years of fighting for equality have got women of the 21st century? This book is entertaining in the loosest sense of the word but I cant help feeling that it is directed at the lowest common denominator of people, this cannot be the piece of literature which defines 2012.

A friend recently told me that she thinks its popularity is from those children who grew up reading Harry Potter, then on to the Twilight saga and now are looking for something else to fill that gap, (for want of a better phrase).

This is a huge best seller and definately has made some people a lot of money but I cant help but think that this is the Lady Chatterley's for the Jeremy Kyle generation.

Ladies, enjoy your works of fiction but remember that equality works both ways and dont be offended by dirty jokes, strippers or top shelf magazines ever again or that will make you a hypocrite.

Ok rant over and back asap to normality.

Let me know if you disagree or agree we are after all, all equal here :)


Jul 25 2012 05:54PM by Gill Jepson

well personally I think its trashy and boring. I downloaded it to see what the fuss was about-and it was repetitive and uninspiring. I wont be downloading any more in the series. I think its symbolic of everything thats wrong in society today-lack of class and finesse-sensationalism and chav culture rules. However, in a democratic society I guess its up to the public-certainly couldn't count it as literature in any guise and any comparison with Chatterley is over generous-in my opinion. I heard it described as literary porn during my signing at Waterstones Chester...but it certainly flew off the shelves (which I was unfortunately next to) ah well-each to his own

Jul 25 2012 07:00PM by russbrownauthor

Gill I could not agree more, it is a pity that this is what appeals to the majority and as for it flying off the shelves I feel it is more down to curiosity more than anything else, hence the refernce to Lady Chatterley. That book in itself though of a much greater standard was popular simply through the sensationalism that surrounded it. I do feel that it has been very cleverly marketed and has paid off. Unfortunately an all too real reflection on society as a whole I fear.

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