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By russbrownauthor, Aug 30 2011 05:53PM

This is my very first attempt at a blog entry so please bear with me. I will chat to you about anything and everything please feel free to leave me messages and have this as a two way conversation between people who frequent this site. I have decided to blog today about something close to every British persons heart and our default in built conversation starter ..... the weather.

As most of you know I am a Primary School teacher and without a shadow of a doubt the best time of the school year are the last weeks of July and all of August. The worst are the dark first weeks of September and the even darker first weeks of January.

Now as a child, I loved the summer holidays and the endless hot days are without question seen through rose coloured glasses. But they were certainly something that attracted me to the teaching profession in the first place.

People all to often say to me , "oh you teachers don't know your born. Finish at 3 and 6 weeks off in the summer." these people often fail to see that in my school we start at 8 which means I get to work at 7, the children do indeed leave at 3 but all too often we have after school clubs and teachers often dont start marking books for the next day till 4.30. It is therefore not unheard of for me to walk through the door to my own primary aged children at 6.30 when the youngest is going to bed. This hard work however, is in some way compensated with the glorious, never ending 6 weeks break. Work can be paced to my own rather meandering speed.

This year however has seemed somewhat different, as a northerner in England, in fact almost as far a northerner as you can get I am used to the weather being poor and cold and raining.....and windy. But this year has without exception been the most dull and miserable my bear with little brain head can remember. My children have been chopping at the bit to play in the paddling pool I foolishly bought on a whim in the B & Q sale in May. But alas even those people who break the ice in Hyde park in London to swim in the lake on Christmas day would have struggled to dip even their daintiest of toes in the water of our "pool".

Add to the cold the wind and the on off attitude of the rain and all in all this years summer holiday weather has been a bit of a wash out, pun intended. Which has resulted in me having to entertain the children in other ways but those anecdotes will wait for another blog entry.

As the rain lashed our house over the bank holiday weekend it got me reflecting on the poor choice I made when asked if should we visit our usual vacation place and I had said "no we will save the money and holiday from the house" never ever again!!

Just to add final insult to injury and perhaps the reason for the themeing of this blog was summed up in one split second this afternoon (the final days of August) when a Robin redbreast flew onto our paddling pool. The summer holidays are therefore officially over........if they ever truely began.

Thanks for joining me on my first blog leave comments and join me as often as you can because I don't like talking to myself.


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